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News:   Algal bloom (浒苔,Enteromorpha), Qingdao, June-July, 2008


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Book: Antony A, Liu 2010




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  • Ongoing projects

    • Shandong peninsula

         Landsat data ( Updated 2008-Jun-17)

         2007-Jul-14 YMD Cruise 

    • Yellow River Delta

    • Oil spills

  • Coastal Environment Spotlights!

    • Yantai, China

    • Yellow River Estuary, China

    • Daya bay, China

    • Hong Kong, China

    • Chesapeake  bay, USA

  • Station real-time data (under construction)

    • Air Temperature: 40.0 F

    • Wind Speed: 5.0 knots

    • Wave Height: 0.1 ft

    • Water Temperature: 40.0 F

    • Dissolved Oxygen: 11.2 mg/L



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